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Mediafly Announces New Customer Advisory Board

Mediafly, a revenue enablement and intelligence platform, launched its Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which consists of revenue leaders from different industries who will serve as strategic advisers for the company. This week, members of the board will meet in Chicago to discuss solutions to issues blocking B2B revenue growth and share best practices to advance revenue enablement.

The CAB will meet regularly to address priority revenue team challenges, with Mediafly compiling and sharing solution consensus with its larger customer community. The company’s goal is to capture customer feedback and engage customers on the future of the industry and Mediafly solutions.

Mediafly’s CAB 2022 discussions will center on:

  • The best practices to transition from traditional sales enablement to revenue enablement;
  • How to harness the power of data and insights to better engage, assess, predict, coach and execute across the customer lifecycle;
  • How to create continuity between all go-to-market teams (marketing, presales, sales, customer success) to drive more revenue; and
  • The role automation plays in improving sales productivity and effectiveness.

“Every B2B company today is looking to grow revenue per seller, ramp sellers faster and connect with customers in an engaging, impactful way. Reaching these goals requires a cohesive approach to revenue enablement — supporting teams through coaching, content, value and insights,” said James Davison, Chief Product Officer at Mediafly, in a statement. “Our approach is to learn directly from our customers, applying their experiences as we develop the solutions that revenue teams rely on every day to improve performance and deal outcomes.”