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Amplifinity Introduces Streamlined Version of Referral Marketing Platform

Referral marketing software provider Amplifinity has launched a streamlined version of its platform, called Amplifinity Base. The company says that the new product will help marketers launch referral programs more quickly — in seven days, to be exact.

As part of its seven-day launch program, Amplifinity pairs each customer with a Success Manager that provides education, training and best practices that help the company quickly incorporate referral marketing campaigns into their business initiatives. 

"We saw the need for a streamlined, feature-rich referral platform for companies just getting started with referral marketing," said Larry Angeli, CEO of Amplifinity. "Amplifinity Base Edition delivers on this need by providing customer with a fast and easy way to get to market. By having the ability to launch in just seven days, our customers can gain value and drive revenue growth from referral marketing faster.”

Features of Amplifinity Base include:

  • Responsive templates with default content: So they don’t have to start from scratch, marketers have access to a library of responsive templates prefilled with copy they can edit to make the program authentic to their brand.
  • Program design wizard: Marketers are guided through the entire process of selecting a template, adding creative elements and editing copy.
  • Updated dashboards: Easy access to real-time analytics on program and email performance means marketers can continue to optimize their campaigns.
  • Standard integrations: The platform is pre-configured to integrate with systems such as lead sharing and routing, email preference management, reward fulfillment and system of record reconciliation. It also integrates easily with Salesforce.