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Optimizely Adds Personalization Tool To Tailor Web And Mobile Experiences

Optimizely placeitOptimizely has added personalization capabilities to its Optimizely Experience Optimization Platform designed to help marketers tailor customers’ mobile and website experiences.

Optimizely Personalization uses internal and external data sources, including Demandbase and Oracle BlueKai, for real-time personalization.

"Marketers can use the platform to create campaigns targeted at multiple audiences to personalize at scale," said Jon Noronha, Senior Product Manager at Optimizely, said in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

Optimizely Personalization positions marketers to:

  • Target visitors in real time based on the actions they take on the company’s website as well as information from other data sources;
  • Create experiences tailored to each audience; and
  • Measure the impact of the changes being made for each audience.