COVID-19 Update

Salesforce Announces New Marketing Cloud Innovations For An All-Digital World

As the future of business remains uncertain for many B2B organizations, Salesforce has released three new innovative services to help marketers understand what prospects and customers are doing to better assist them in their buying journeys.

The company recently launched:

  • Interaction Studio: This includes Einstein Personalization Recipes, which builds and tests AI-powered recommendation strategies; Einstein Personalization Decisions, which uses a continuous learning algorithm about each site visitor and recommends ideal next actions to take across channels; and A/B/n testing, which analyzes the benefits of personalization campaigns.
  • New Pardot Premium: This new enterprise version of Pardot includes B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, which uses AI to sort through first- and third-party data to determine which campaigns performed best and why; Einstein Attribution an AI-based function that assigns revenue along buyer journey touchpoints; Pardot Business Units which helps marketers manage campaigns across multiple segments and geographic locations; and Developer Sandboxes for Pardot, which allows administrators and developers the ability to comply with IT processes to deploy new technologies by using a sandbox to test and audit new technological capabilities.
  • Datorama Integration With Tableau: This integration with Tableau is intended to allow marketers to leverage Datorama to centralize and unify all of their marketing performance data while using the new integration with Tableau to scale marketing analytics across their organizations and make better decisions.

“It’s not just about sales and service and marketing anymore,” said Adam Blitzer, EVP and GM of Salesforce Digital, during a press conference. “It’s about having the flexibility to do these things from anywhere. It’s about working with your customers on every possible touchpoint regardless of where your customer finds themselves, regardless of where your employees find themselves. The shift to digital is happening incredibly quickly. There are many companies that came into this crisis digital-second. During the crisis, companies have become digital-only by necessity. And as we emerge, we believe that most companies will become digital-first. We’re in a work-from-anywhere world, where businesses have to run from anywhere … for marketers this digital imperative is first and foremost.”