Salesforce Unveils New Einstein Features For Sales Cloud

Einstein Forecasting 2Salesforce announced three new features within its Sales Cloud offering, including a new AI-powered solution designed to use a company’s historical CRM data to take the guesswork out of forecasting.

Called Einstein Forecasting, Salesforce stated that the forecasting solution can help users analyze, process and understand key factors — such as seasonality and historical performance — to make highly accurate, individualized sales forecasts. Additionally, it combines a unique mix of self-learning algorithms that assess individual and team forecasting behaviors and analyze whether they are consistently optimistic, pessimistic or on target. Then, the tool synthesizes an unbiased analysis for the sales leader.

Additional features include:

  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring — which aims to identify, surface and prioritize the most valuable deals based on details such as deal size, executive engagement and more. Additionally, the company said Einstein Opportunity Scoring can monitor deals in progress to identify any that may be in jeopardy, keeping sales reps laser-focused on building pipeline and closing more deals.
  • Einstein Email Insights — which uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify the most important emails and recommend the best action or response, enabling sales reps and leaders to prioritize their inbox and quickly address customer needs.

“[The tools] are not going to tell you how much is going to close, it’s going to tell you and explain what data points are causing the predictions to lean that way,” said William Moxley, Senior VP of Sales Cloud Product Management at Salesforce, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “This is often quite complicated and done offline, but now you can use real science to make better predictions.”