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Salesloft Launches New Forecasting Feature

Salesloft, a sales engagement platform, announced the launch of its first-ever forecasting solution to help customers predict and deliver revenue. The platform seeks to give sales reps the data they need, when they need it, to let them know where their team’s performance is trending. Since Forecast is a native capability of Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace™, managers can take action by assigning follow-ups or adding deal notes right in the workflow.

Salesloft Forecast is designed to use real-time data with a variety of forecasting techniques to limit missed opportunities and increase customer satisfaction. The solution’s built-in AI analyzes dozens of deal factors to help identify missed opportunities in the pipeline, and deal-level engagement data enables sales leaders to drill down into deals at risk of slipping. 

“Forecasting is a critical process for every revenue organization,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft, in a statement. “But when sellers use spreadsheets, there’s a high risk of user error and acting on old data. Spreadsheets aren’t scalable, are incredibly manual, ungoverned and only serve as a snapshot in time. There’s no context to help sellers look ahead.”