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Seismic Integrates With Microsoft Office 365, Adds AI To Enablement Platform

  • Written by Stephen Betz, Contributing Writer
  • Published in News Briefs

seismic microsoftSeismic, a sales enablement solution provider, has announced a series of product updates and integrations for existing programs with Microsoft services. The company has also integrated Microsoft AI across its entire platform, which will bring a predictive content engine that is designed to automatically rank the most relevant assets for the seller and the buyer at each stage of the buyer's journey.

Through the integration, sellers will be able to see why the content was recommended with actionable data that automatically surfaces for each piece of content. This includes usage, popularity and buyer interest based on contextual data from the Dynamics record.

 Other updates to the company’s platform include:  

  • Seismic LiveInsights — The analytics suite is now designed to provide visibility into the effectiveness of sales content efforts by automatically surfacing data on platform adoption, content usage and buyer engagement into one comprehensive data platform.  
  • Seismic WorkSpace — Seismic's virtual collaboration and coaching platform will be integrated with Microsoft Office 365. This aims to help users edit and revise content — such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents — from within the Seismic platform.
  • Artificial intelligence functionalities — Seismic has integrated Azure Machine Learning into its current proprietary artificial intelligence functionalities. The integrations are designed to automatically tag and organize content, deliver content to sales reps and accelerate onboarding and sales training.  
  • An upgraded search functionality designed with image recognition and speech-to-text translation within video content and takes advantage of Bing Speech API and Computer Vision API. The update aims to ensure that all required information and data associated with each piece of content hosted in Seismic will surface alongside content wherever it appears throughout the Seismic platform.

"Microsoft has a storied history of increasing productivity and efficiency across the enterprise via innovative new technologies," said Doug Winter, Co-founder and CEO of Seismic, in a statement. "Our relationship with Microsoft allows Seismic to further tap into those technologies and sense of innovation, building out a platform that continues to lead the way in helping sales close bigger deals and marketing have their impact felt on the bottom line."

The news comes roughly half a year after Seismic added Seismic NewsCenter to its program, a resource designed for real-time content and buyer insights.