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SiriusDecisions Launches B2B Digital Marketing Courses With Manhattanville School Of Business

1siriusB2B research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions has partnered with Manhattanville School of Business to offer a B-to-B Digital Marketing Certification course.

The course was created by faculty at the Manhattanville School of Business and B2B marketing experts at SiriusDecisions to help marketers meet business challenges in an increasingly complex digital environment, according to a release.

“B2B digital marketing is complicated by the fact that it typically involves a much longer buying cycle, larger purchases often averaging millions of dollars, more educated buyers and more complex needs,” said Amanda Jensen, Director of Learning at SiriusDecisions, in a statement. “All of these unique features mean that B2B digital marketing is one of the most complicated areas of marketing today. For those who can put the right strategy in place, the opportunities are enormous.”

The certification program will use case studies, toolkits, peer review and discussion, and activities to teach students B2B digital marketing strategy, processes and tactics. “This course provides the framework for planning and implementing effective digital business-to-business marketing strategies and tactics, as well as the tools for measuring that performance in a way that connects with larger business goals,” according to Manhattanville College’s website.

The first session of the 10-week program will be held Oct. 6 – Dec. 15.  

With this new program, Manhattanville School of Business joins several other schools that are adapting their marketing programs to prepare for the next generation of marketers, including Old Dominion University, Northwestern University and The New Jersey Institute of Technology.

“Digital communications and technologies have made it easier than ever to connect with buyers and customers,” said Nik Kumar, VP of Enrollment of Manhattanville College, in a statement. “However, tracking, nurturing and engaging potential buyers and current customers digitally can often seem completely disorganized, with no means of effectively managing or measuring the value of interactions. That’s why we have partnered with SiriusDecisions to bring this critical content to our student community.”