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SurveyMonkey Merges CX Platforms

SurveyMonkey, a survey development service platform, has unified its customer experience suites – including GetFeedback and Usabilla – under a singular platform.

SurveyMonkey’s two CX platforms, GetFeedback and Usabilla, focus on analyzing buyer feedback to improve the customer experience. The GetFeedback platform uses surveys to analyze data from Salesforce customers, while Usabilla’s platform offers a digital experience with real-time feedback through app and website analytics.

The improved, unified GetFeedback suite is designed to leverage buyer and operational data for enhanced insight capabilities and improved automation solutions for businesses. The service also uses buyer feedback to improve CX operations.

“Great customer experiences are even more critical for businesses to compete in today’s uncertain environment,” said Tom Hale, President of SurveyMonkey, in a statement. “I am proud to bring the strength of two amazing products – GetFeedback and Usabilla – into one robust CX offering for customers. Our CX solutions provide the agility and value to disrupt the expensive, service-heavy offerings available in the market today. I look forward to helping our customers truly excel in CX and reach their full potential.”