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SyncWords Presents AI Live Dubbing

Quick Scoop:

  • SyncWords opened early access to its AI Live Dubbing feature.
  • The new solution seeks to translate a speaker in a virtual or hybrid event with live voice-over in one or more languages.

SyncWords, a provider of live captioning and subtitling, opened early access to its new AI Live Dubbing feature for virtual and hybrid meetings, which seeks to translate a speaker into multiple voice-over languages in real time.

The early access release seeks to help event organizers scale their messaging by delivering translated voice dubs — in both female and male variations — for live events in more than 40 languages and regional accents, such as Canadian French and Belgian. SyncWords is designed to integrate seamlessly with more than 40 virtual event hosting platforms and enable instant language switching with a drop-down menu.

"We believe that Live Dubbing in more than 40 languages is a revolutionary innovation and changes how companies and video streamers communicate, enabling them to reach audiences several times larger than their current market,” said Ashish Shah, CEO and Co-founder of SyncWords, in a statement. “This will enable them to increase their revenue and outreach in a significant way, both affordably and conveniently.”