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New Budget Reality: B2B Marketers Look At Alignment Of Strategy And Spend In 2018

2018 may introduce a climate of receding marketing budgets, according to the most recent Gartner 2017-2018 CMO Spend Survey. The survey shows that marketing budget levels, which are typically allocated a year in advance, declined for 2017-2018, reversing three consecutive years of increasing budgets. Some experts say that this decline is the result of marketing’s inability to prove its contribution by showing how its activities create business results that matter to the C-suite.

Measuring Marketing Performance To Enhance Future Campaigns

When it comes to measuring marketing performance, multiple layers come into play. Some actions are deemed easy to measure, such as click-through rates on email campaigns or the number of followers on social media, but these metrics don’t dive into the impact marketing activities have on a business’ bottom line. Companies such as Mongo DB are not only measuring marketing performance on a larger scale, but also on a content engagement level, to help determine this impact and enhance future performance.

Hive9 Secures $5.4 Million In Funding For Product Development

Hive9 placeitHive9, a marketing planning and performance management software vendor, announced $5.4 million in funding.

The investment round, led by LiveOak Venture Partners and Silverton Partners, will be used to further product development.

Hive9’s solutions are designed to provide marketers with insights to drive decisions which maximize revenue. The newly announced funds will help enhance the following offerings:

Hive9 Gameplan, which is designed to create an environment for collaborative, agile and customer-centric marketing planning. The solution aligns budgets and activities to financial targets and leverages actual performance data in real-time.

Hive9 Measure, which offers pre-configured dashboards, including Database, Email, Website, Waterfall and Campaign Performance. Measure is positioned to help marketers connect the dots between activity-based marketing metrics and their business impact.

Spun off from marketing agency Bulldog Solutions in April 2015 by CEO Darin Hicks, Hive9’s client list includes B2B brands such as TD Ameritrade, Zebra Technologies, Fiserv, Thomson Reuters and DocuSign.

"Marketing leaders are under more pressure than ever to quantify and increase marketing ROI. Our solutions are engineered to help them establish the right goals and optimize their marketing investments,” said Hicks. “Hive9’s solutions are implemented in as little as two weeks through a managed onboarding process, removing the need for customers to tap into IT resources and substantially decreasing time to value.”

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