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Content Emerging As Critical Factor To Feed Successful Demand Gen Programs

The phrase “content is king” applies to a wide variety of media platforms, but it is especially fitting when it comes to crafting a demand generation strategy. In the Lessons From The Trenches Survey, recently conducted by DemandGen Report, early adopters of marketing automation cited better content as a top priority they would change if they were to lead a rollout at another organization. Specifically, 78% said they would “prepare the organization by building proper processes and content offers to feed the automation system.”

Experts Share Latest Strategies To Optimize Performance Of White Papers, Lead Gen Offers

White papers have become established as a cornerstone for most lead generation campaigns, and the content format continues to be one of the most successful response drivers during the recent economic downturn. For example, the 2009 Media Consumption Report from TechTarget showed white papers continued to be the top content source (cited by 66% of respondents) buyers turn to when evaluating new technology.

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