Salesforce Unveils Intelligent Content, Interactive & Productivity Updates To Email Offering

Salesforce announced new email features and functionality for its Marketing Cloud offering that aim to help marketers better personalize campaigns and improve overall customer engagement. Specifically, the announcement includes new Einstein features baked into the email marketing tool, interactive email functionality and productivity updates to help streamline campaign creation.

Salesforce Launches 4 Einstein AI Engagement, Tagging Tools For Marketing Cloud

Salesforce has released four new tools for its Marketing Cloud users that leverage the company’s continuously developing Einstein AI. Unveiled at Salesforce Connections in Chicago, the tools aim to help Marketing Cloud customers increase customer engagement with relevant and timely email touches.

Specifically, the tools aim to help users identify the best cadence, timing and messaging to engage with prospects via email.

“I'm excited that we’re bringing more machine learning and AI into the hands of marketers, without the need to turn them into data scientists,” said Armita Peymandoust, VP of Product Management for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “This new set of Einstein capabilities for Marketing Cloud will help marketers increase their customer engagement. These are all the learnings of making that personalized engagement possible at scale for our customers.”

Available today, the tools include:

  • Einstein Engagement Frequency: In-depth insights on how many emails are required to keep prospects engaged. “Every marketer wants to know that sweet range,” Peymandoust said. “Because they want to know if the customer is receiving too many emails, or receiving too little.”
  • Einstein Send Time Optimization: Specific details on what time in the day prospects engage with their email. “It’s about engaging with your buyers on their own terms,” Peymandoust said. “We use Einstein with Time Optimization to send each of these emails right at the time that they're most engaged with their inboxes.”
  • Einstein Content Tagging: A new tool that helps ensure images tagged within Marketing Cloud for email align with the messaging and the buyer. “That [makes] the marketer much more productive at what they do, by bringing the same type of capabilities that you have in photo sharing to the Marketing Cloud.”
  • Transactional Messaging: The ability to incorporate transactional messages, such as receivals of subscription renewals via email and messaging, into Marketing Cloud engagement workflows. “When you send out different email messages and SMS, there are two types: one is promotional and the other is transactional,” Peymandoust said. “We’re enabling marketers to send those types of messages in one platform.”

Ultimately, Peymandoust said that the continued investment in email technology is a necessity, as B2B buyers continue to prefer email as a communication channel with prospective vendors.

“Our own research shows that 64% of customers still prefer email over other channels,” Peymandoust said. “On the marketing side, the amazing part is that they are still investing in that channel because it's still the highest ROI channel — we’re seeing 42:1 return on email.”

Adobe And Microsoft Partner On Cloud, CRM Solutions

AdobeAdobe Systems and Microsoft have entered a partnership to deliver Adobe’s cloud services — including Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud and Document Cloud — on Microsoft’s global cloud and data platform, Azure.

Microsoft has also made Adobe a “preferred marketing service” for its Dynamics 365 Enterprise CRM platform, and Adobe will also now have access to the artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics capabilities of Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite and SQL Server.

B2B Technology Adapting To Growing Importance Of Marketing And Sales Alignment

The goal of buyer centricity requires everyone — including marketing, sales and service — to stay aligned for consistent, relevant and resonant experiences with potential customers. At Salesforce Connections 2016 in Atlanta, the topic on speakers’ and attendees’ minds was how technology has begun to help B2B companies align across departments on messaging, company goals and definitions for success.

B2B Marketers Leverage The Marketing Cloud To Personalize Engagement

MarketingCloudFeature imageFollowing several years of hype and some debate over competing concepts, the marketing cloud is becoming a reality. Companies such as PR Newswire are seeing an increase in leads and engagement through the integration of marketing activities under the marketing cloud.

Personalization is among the key benefits of marketing clouds, as they offer B2B marketers the ability to collect data on how prospects are interacting with the company through their buying journey. Marketers can track and access prospect insights from a central location, where the data can be leveraged for a range of marketing activities.

Salesforce Unveils Revamped Marketing Cloud At #DF13

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.33.56 PMAt Dreamforce this week, Salesforce debuted its revamped marketing hub — now dubbed Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud — as part of its Salesforce1 platform. The Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is designed to integrate apps for email, mobile, social, web and marketing automation, into a single location.

The marketing cloud also is designed to provide a consolidated view of every customer, help manage the customer journey and optimize content for every device.

Oracle Enters Content Marketing Race With Compendium Purchase

Oracle Compendium LOGOSOracle announced that it has closed a deal to acquire Compendium, a cloud-based content marketing vendor. Experts say the combination of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud and Compendium highlights the rising prominence of content marketing and the need to automate content delivery across all channels.

“Oracle’s acquisition of Compendium further solidifies their dedication to modern marketing and will complement their existing Eloqua marketing cloud nicely,” noted Justin Lowe, VP of Marketing at Couch & Associates, in a statement to Demand Gen Report.

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