True Influence Marketing Cloud Is Designed To Aggregate & Analyze Intent Signals

Published: September 14, 2020

The True Influence Marketing Cloud is a digital platform that connects data and customer experiences to help marketing and sales understand, acquire and retain customers. It is designed to provide on-time, accurate demand generation, brand protection and campaign analytics critical for integrated marketing.

Back-of-the-Box Details

The Marketing Cloud is designed to integrate a user’s CRM or marketing automation platforms into the cloud, analyzing intent signals and providing buyer insights through machine learning, AI and natural language processing capabilities. These insights include:

  • Campaign insights and performance analytics;
  • Programmatic advertising;
  • Content syndication; and
  • All stages of demand generation.

The service also has an Identity Graph designed to match and link intent data signals, providing users with an omnichannel view of buying groups and their individual customers.

Who It’s For

The True Influence Marketing Cloud is designed for B2B marketing and sales teams with a CRM or marketing automation platform.

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What Makes It Special

The True Influence Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive view of a business’ demand generation data from a single platform, removing the need for integrating multiple channels to multiple locations.


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