G2 Crowd Introduces Service Reviews, Integration With Salesforce

G2 Crowd is a source for verified reviews of business software and services. The platform has collected more than 300,000 reviews to date, which are shared freely with more than 1.1 million monthly visitors to the site. The company recently introduced service reviews to its offering, including business, marketing, staffing and translation services.


G2 Crowd stands out in both the quality and quantity of its reviews. Each reviewer is validated by their LinkedIn profile or business email, and each of the platform’s 300,000+ reviews covers at least 36 data points to ensure a high-quality and informative resource. Additionally, all reviews are verified by a real G2 Crowd employee as a final step in the validation process.

G2 Crowd uses this review data to offer unique features, such as the ability to compare solutions side by side and a variety of research-based reports.


G2 Crowd’s target audience is anything but small — any professional who uses any software or service can read or write a review.


G2 Crowd recently announced their integration with Salesforce CRM. Software vendors can now pull their G2 Crowd reviews directly into their Salesforce account in order to utilize the verified user-feedback in demos, pitches and more.


For review writers and readers, G2 Crowd is a free offering. The site monetizes through selling upgraded and premium profiles to software vendors and service providers. Making reviews free and publicly available supports G2 Crowd’s founding principle of bringing transparency to B2B buying.


It seems fitting to have G2 Crowd’s biggest advocates speak for themselves. Unbiased reviews from G2 Crowd customers, reviewers and site visitors can be found here and here.


G2 Crowd’s market leadership was solidified in May 2017, when they received a series B $30 million round of funding led by Accel, the backers of well-known tech brands like Facebook, Slack and Spotify. Also contributing to the funding round was business heavyweight, LinkedIn.


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