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Experts Point To Buying Groups & Bad Data As Impediments To Attribution Modeling

Attribution is not a new model of measurement, but in the age of digital transformation, it has evolved as the buyer’s journey became more complex. With organizations having multiple decision-makers in buying groups to research a potential purchase, attribution has become difficult for marketers to accurately assess the value of individual efforts across multiple channels.

5 Ways To Make Your CDP Data Chewable

Ed King 4 4 1 2 1 1Kids can’t swallow pills, so children’s vitamins are offered in chewable forms instead. While the ingredients matter, the delivery mechanism is equally important if you want your child to eat the vitamins instead of throwing them on the floor. It’s the same concept with anything you want your sales team to use. The delivery is just as important as the content.

Precision Matching Of Business IDs With Social Profiles Boosts Multi-Platform Campaign Performance

Using social media platforms to share marketing messages with B2B buyers is a proven tactic. And since the emergence of Covid-19 has forced more employees to work virtually, the opportunities to engage with decision-makers on social platforms has climbed significantly. LinkedIn alone saw a bump of 55% more conversational activity between existing connections in March.

InsideView Launches Data Integrity System

InsideView announced InsideView Data Integrity for Microsoft to help customers drive revenue and improve operational effectiveness. Dynamics 365 customers will be positioned to leverage the data that fuels InsideView Insights to clean and enrich their CRM data automatically and at scale. InsideView Data Integrity for Microsoft aims to deliver accurate data and maintain data hygiene and provide visualizations that allow companies to pinpoint problems in their data and improve their data health. 

What Do B2B Marketers Need To Know About Data Regulation?

1michaelbirdIn the past few decades, we’ve seen a massive change in technology. Today, I can buy a new wardrobe, order groceries, hail a ride, book a vacation and wire money from my bank account with a click or two on my mobile phone. And if I’m too lazy to even open my phone to check the weather, Alexa is there to help me know what to wear. While these developments have fundamentally made my personal life easier, the large-scale collection and monetization of data may be the most dramatic consequence of the digital age, especially for B2B businesses.

Balancing Personalization & Privacy Through Relevant, Transparent Communication

Personalization — to no surprise — continues to be a buzzword in marketing, in both the B2B and B2C industries. Yet B2B organizations are still trailing behind their B2C counterparts in terms of delivering a meaningful personalized experience. However, B2B marketers are beginning to leverage all the new and existing data at their disposal — whether through progressive profiling or intent signals — to be more relevant in their messaging and maintain a healthy balance between personalization and privacy.

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