What Do B2B Marketers Need To Know About Data Regulation?

1michaelbirdIn the past few decades, we’ve seen a massive change in technology. Today, I can buy a new wardrobe, order groceries, hail a ride, book a vacation and wire money from my bank account with a click or two on my mobile phone. And if I’m too lazy to even open my phone to check the weather, Alexa is there to help me know what to wear. While these developments have fundamentally made my personal life easier, the large-scale collection and monetization of data may be the most dramatic consequence of the digital age, especially for B2B businesses.

Balancing Personalization & Privacy Through Relevant, Transparent Communication

Personalization — to no surprise — continues to be a buzzword in marketing, in both the B2B and B2C industries. Yet B2B organizations are still trailing behind their B2C counterparts in terms of delivering a meaningful personalized experience. However, B2B marketers are beginning to leverage all the new and existing data at their disposal — whether through progressive profiling or intent signals — to be more relevant in their messaging and maintain a healthy balance between personalization and privacy.

How AI And Machine Learning Can Make Forecasting Intelligent

Geoff Birnes AtriumTraditionally, CRM solutions have been unreliable for sales forecasting. Companies have dealt with inaccuracies and blamed their bad data. However, things are starting to change thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics. According to Salesforce, only a quarter of companies use predictive analytics. Of those using it, 86% have already seen a positive return. Predictive analytics can be brought to the CRM to create more accurate sales forecasts and provide actionable insights for reps, partners and managers.

2020 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey Report

New Research Shows Companies Unlocking Buyer Intelligence To Identify Key Stakeholders & Deliver Relevant, Targeted Messages

This year’s Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Benchmark Survey, conducted by Demand Gen Report in November through December 2019, revealed that while most marketers have a formal data acquisition strategy in place, they know there are plenty of opportunities for improvement.

The 2019 survey showed minimal movement in terms of where marketers stand with their data acquisition strategies when compared to last year’s results. However, respondents’ goal to use data to identify key stakeholders within target accounts increased significantly from 68% in 2018 to 75% in 2019, underscoring the need to get more granular with their messaging to focus more on specific buyers within the committee to accelerate deals and reinforce buyer relationships. In addition, B2B organizations are looking to better target specific segments and collect detailed buyer behavior to fuel campaigns.

This report highlights the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-marketing strategies in 2020 and beyond. Insights detailed within this report include:

  • The tools marketers are using to gain deeper intelligence on current and prospective customers for better targeting and messaging;
  • New tactics to acquire data to reach goals;
  • Key database goals for education and resource prioritization;
  • Where budgets and resources are being allocated;
  • Top challenges for maintaining data quality; and
  • Marketer’s desires for intent data, timeframe for buying decisions insights.

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Tableau Expands Data Capabilities With AI-Driven Insights

Tableau Software has released new data capabilities with the addition of Explain Data, which aims to enhance statistical analysis and help users gain AI-driven insights from their data. The company said that the new capability uses statistical methods to determine potential explanations for what could be influencing a data point, while providing further understanding of that explanation with interactive visualizations.

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