Glassbox Announces Generative AI Assistant To Enhance Digital Insight Access

Published: January 12, 2024

Glassbox, a digital experience platform, released its enterprise-ready AI assistant, Glassbox Insights Assistant (GIA). In combination with Glassbox’s patented data privacy measures, the AI assistant is designed to provide users with the confidence that their conversational interface is protected.

GIA seeks to allow Glassbox users to uncover deep digital insights quickly and without technical knowledge or reliance on data and analytics teams. To create the generative AI assistant, Glassbox turned to Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which hosts OpenAI models fully within the Azure environment, to elevate the security and privacy standards of its AI assistant. 

“We developed the AI assistant earlier based on OpenAI’s GPT model,” said Yaron Gueta, Glassbox’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, in a statement. “However, our commitment to responsible AI and our exacting security, data privacy and compliance standards compelled us to turn to the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service for its additional protections for potentially sensitive data shared or accessed through the new generative AI interface. GIA sets a new bar for what organizations should expect of GenAI solutions from their software providers.”

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