Protecting Privacy: Understanding The Role Of Data Restrictions In B2B

Published: January 30, 2024

Personalization is paramount when it comes to catching the eye of top accounts in today’s crowded digital landscape, but collecting buyer-related information has become somewhat of a minefield for marketers as the list of privacy laws grows longer each year.

The General Data Protection Regulation ushered in a new era of consumer rules and regulations regarding the processing of personal data. Since its adoption in 2018, a dozen states have enacted privacy legislation — with some such as Montana and Oregon set to take effect later this year, while those in Tennessee and Delaware will be enforced beginning in 2025. Several other states across the nation have introduced — but not yet passed — similar bills.

In addition to navigating this complex patchwork of privacy legislation, marketers are now grappling with the “death of third-party cookies.” On Jan. 4, 2024, Google started to phase out third-party cookies and plans to roll out the restrictions to all its users in the second half of the year.

In response, many marketers are turning to first-party intent data as a primary method for gathering deeper intelligence on prospective customers. These insights can provide real-time updates into buyer engagements with the company website, content assets and other marketing materials. According to the “2024 State Of Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Report,” companies plan to ensure data compliance by:

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  • Becoming more transparent regarding data privacy;
  • Enforcing limitations and more protection around the information they collect from customers;
  • Training employees regarding data privacy;
  • Updating data protection programs as instructed; and
  • Using state-of-the-art encryption methods.

To keep up with the modern B2B landscapes, marketers need to deliver highly personalized content that buyers can peruse at their own pace while also keeping abreast of ever-changing privacy rules and regulation.

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