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B2B Marketers Step Up Localization Initiatives To Support Global Expansion

The intersecting trends of globalization and digitization are driving the need for accurate and culturally appropriate translations. B2B companies are often approaching this challenge with improvised methods that result in bottlenecks and poorly translated content. Therefore, progressive B2B companies are streamlining their localization strategies to maximize engagement with a global audience.

Cloudwords Translation App Integrates With Marketo

Marketo-CloudwordsCloudwords, a cloud-based translation management application, is integrated with Marketo to streamline multilingual content creation and delivery of global marketing campaigns. The integration will enable users to significantly accelerate and simplify the process of localizing all types of marketing materials, according to Cloudwords officials.

The Cloudwords integration with Marketo will initially be offered to a select group of companies prior to expanded rollout in early 2014.

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