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Usermind & MarketStar Partner To Streamline Customer Success Operations

Usermind, an Experience Orchestration (XO) Platform, has partnered with marketing and sales platform MarketStar to help customer success teams orchestrate customer journeys that achieve better business outcomes.

The partnership combines Usermind’s XO platform with MarketStar’s strategy, design and technology to enable users to improve their customer experiences by providing support resources that teams can use to align their internal processes and technology. The goal is to help businesses create seamless onboarding, support resolution and renewal experiences that drive more revenue, with Usermind’s XO Platform monitoring these customer experiences in real-time for modification and necessary intervention.

"As all companies become subscription companies, the need to grow and retain existing customers is more critical than ever,” said Michel Feaster, CEO and Co-Founder of Usermind, in a statement. “Central to this is a heightened focus on delivering customer journeys that are good for the customer and for the business. The combination of Usermind's XO Platform and MarketStar's deep expertise in engaging with customers in a growth-oriented way that provides a truly transformative customer success solution for SaaS companies."