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Campaign Stars Aims To Provide Comprehensive Platform For ABM

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Campaign Stars is a human powered, all-in-one ABM platform that aims to help B2B brands build an ABM machine and position overstretched sales and marketing teams to close more deals. The platform includes sales intelligence data, messaging strategy, content and campaign creation capabilities and more.


Campaign Stars is positioned to help B2B companies connect with buyers as elegantly as they’d expect in the world of B2C. It aims to do so in three main ways:

  1. Don’t waste their time. The data engine, which is powered by DiscoverOrg, is designed to help you target the right buyer at the right point in their journey;
  2. Engage on their terms. It is also positioned to orchestrate outreach between sales and marketing, and greet your web visitors with personalized messaging and content experiences across paid channels and your website; and
  3. Entertain them. Once your buyer is engaged, Campaign Stars aims to treat them to a personalized content experience on par with what they expect at home via Netflix.

Campaign Stars


The platform is designed for the B2B software/high-tech industries and people in marketing, sales, field marketing, ABM and sales/marketing ops roles.


It is positioned to integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Folloze, DiscoverOrg, Drift and more.


Campaign Stars is priced as a recurring service and customized to your needs.


Customers include Adobe, DiscoverOrg, GE and Avaya.


Campaign Stars is designed to help kick your brand’s customer acquisition into overdrive. It aims to combine the best of ABM tech with real humans to bring to life every aspect of your ABM programs, from technology and content to campaigns and programs.


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