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DealSignal Shares Data Discovery, Enrichment And Verification Platform

The DealSignal Contact Data Platform aims to provide marketers with more complete and accurate data, so they can drive more revenue through improved segmentation, targeting and personalization.


DealSignal positions users to perform on-demand contact discovery, enrichment and verification of accounts and contacts, enabling marketers to aggregate data to plan and execute their demand gen programs. The platform is also designed to provide marketers with real-time account and contact verification, as well as real-time estimates of their total available audience (TAM).


 DealSignal is aimed at B2B demand gen, marketing and sales teams, who need the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-data data on their leads, contacts and accounts in any vertical or geographic market.


DealSignal enables marketers and sales teams to sync contacts discovered and verified in the platform as individual records or entire lists in Salesforce. Lists can be easily uploaded to DealSignal or downloaded via CSV along with contracts and accounts.


DealSignal is priced on a subscription model based on the number of contacts and/or accounts a user consumes. Premium pricing is available for direct-dial phone numbers.


Since emerging from stealth mode in February, DealSignal has collected 30 customers including Alteryx, Bugwolf and CertFocus.


DealSignal distinguishes itself from other platforms in terms of:

  • Reach: The DealSignal platform aims to provide nearly unlimited reach on-demand across over 600 million contacts from its database, as well as third-party databases and the web.
  • Relevance: The platform’s persona development module enables users to create highly granular profiles to pinpoint their ideal target contact – from job title, area of responsibility and seniority, down to specific tools used and skills they possess.
  • Accuracy: All data is verified by both AI and human researchers, and DealSignal’s provides a 100% data accuracy guarantee.


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