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Demandbase Introduces Enhanced ABM Platform

  • Written by Stephen Betz, Contributing Writer
  • Published in Solution Spotlight

The next-generation ABM Platform by Demandbase is designed for B2B marketers to manage account-based campaigns across the entire funnel by combining Targeting, Engagement and Conversion solutions into one fully integrated platform.


Key features of the platform include:

  • An Artificial Intelligence (AI) layer, which is designed to enable improvement in account identification rates.
  • The ability to create B2B audiences based on buyer intent signals from thousands of websites, as well as real-time personalization of website experiences based on interests and account identity, and the capacity to improve close rates by providing account and individual-based insights.
  • A self-service interface that allows users to select target accounts, manage audiences across campaigns, integrate account information from a CRM system and measure the performance of ABM programs based on pipeline and revenue.  


The Demandbase ABM Platform makes it easy to build target accounts from CRM data by uploading a preexisting account list or leveraging buyer intent signals generated by its AI capabilities that learn from 50 billion B2B interactions every month. It also integrates with more than 50 of the most popular third-party analytics tools for program measurement, analysis and optimization.


Pricing options are based on both Mid-Market and Enterprise implementations.


The ABM Platform is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for B2B marketers. Its goal is to serve as a single source for managing audiences of target accounts and measuring the progress of those accounts across the entire funnel.


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