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Influ2 Aims To Provide Next-Level ABM With Person-Based Advertising

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Influ2, a person-based marketing platform, is positioned to help B2B companies engage with enterprise decision makers via targeted, person-based advertising. It is designed to place ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media, business and news sites, and then track ad impressions, clicks and engagement on a person-by-person basis.


Influ2 aims to help B2B companies build ongoing relationships with decision makers via personally targeted advertising. Users can create or upload their target account list. They can then create banner ads for relevant content and add a tracking code to monitor impressions and engagement.

The platform includes a name-by-name tracker, so marketers can see everyone who has interacted with their ad by name, email address, title, company and LinkedIn profile, as well as view their individual ad-click history. It is also positioned to provide users with notifications and analysis on ad reach, clicks and views.


Influ2 is ideal for B2B companies targeting large enterprises.


It is positioned to integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, bpm’online, Outreach, ActiveCampaign and other CRM and marketing automation platforms.


A free trial of Influ2 is available — users only pay for identified ad impressions and can choose their subscription depending on the scale of their campaigns. The cost is up to $4 per reached target per month.


The platform currently has more than 40 active customers including Ajax Systems, N-iX and bpm’online.


Influ2 aims to help users take their ABM programs to the next level and reach customers from their wish list with person-based marketing. It is designed to help B2B marketers build relationships with key decision makers at target accounts and deliver targeted, relevant ads to them. Results are tracked on the personal level, so marketers can identify everyone who has viewed and interacted with their ads, as well as adjust their messaging and visuals depending on performance analytics.


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