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Insight3 Debuts Account-Focused Tool For Real-Time Customer Insights

c20c2801ace74ae3b3d42c0b26424bb5The insight3 platform is an account-focused tool that delivers automated customer insights for both marketing and sales teams.


The insight3 platform is designed to help B2B enterprises generate a bigger pipeline from the key and named accounts that are quickest to close. Key features include:

  • Real-time insight on target customer contacts to support new and existing relationship development activities;
  • Continuous mapping of customer portfolios, enabling marketers to engage customers by delivering the right content at the right time;
  • Constant flow of account insights that build historical trend analyses and guidance on future strategic and commercial direction by account; and
  • Buyer intent monitoring and alerts to see exactly which topics, solutions and vendors clients and prospects are researching.


 The insight3 platform is usually procured by sales and marketing executives with a focus on key account development, such as account-based marketing managers and account managers.


 There is a native version of the platform for, which provides sales users access to insight on their accounts with the ability to create action-based opportunities. The app also allows users to share insights on Chatter.


 Pricing is based on the number of key accounts tracked within the platform and personalized configuration for your business. Prices start at $5,000 per month for entry level deployment.


 Insight3 users include SAP, Oracle, Veritas, Medidata, Juniper and Cisco.


 Developed exclusively with ABM in mind, insight3 combines Big Data and human insights. It is configured uniquely for each customer, and focused heavily on their specific products and services. The platform also provides clients with early identification of customer intent, often before they engage suppliers.



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