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Kaon Interactive Aims To Drive Engagement Through Visual Storytelling

Kaon Interactive, a 3D interactive sales and marketing engagement solutions provider, uses its High-Velocity Marketing Platform to effectively communicate a business’ value to their buyers, aiming to help marketing and sales teams create applications that deepen buyer engagement, reduce expenses and accelerate sales deals.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Kaon High-Velocity Marketing Platform is designed to provide users with the tools to create interactive applications that can be applied at any stage in the marketing and sales lifecycle.

These applications aim to help marketers improve their messaging through immersive storytelling experiences that engage buyers with custom 3D product tours, videos, configurators and more. Marketers can elevate their buying discussions by providing their buyers with necessary product/service knowledge they need to make a purchasing decision.

Who It's For

The platform is designed for sales and marketing teams who need an immersive way to interact with and engage buyers.

What Makes It Special

Kaon Interactive’s platform aims to help marketers transform their marketing content into visually interactive storytelling experiences to improve buyer engagement and accelerate sales.


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