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Upland Qvidian Integrates With Microsoft Office 365, Aims To Streamline Sales Content

Upland Qvidian’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 is designed to enable content reviewers and subject matter experts to simultaneously edit Request for Proposal (RFP) and proposal content in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. As content moves through reviewer workflows, Microsoft Office 365 preserves formatting and styles, ensuring content fidelity, while automatic content syncing simplifies version control.


The Microsoft Office 365 integration aims to create a more streamlined process, which allows for the allocation of extra time and focus on delivering effective and cohesive content.

Upland Qvidian also released full-circle content submissions, which are designed to help content managers proactively update libraries with the latest approved content. With full-circle content submissions, teams can stop recreating the wheel by flagging new RFP content in Upland Qvidian, so managers can review and add the content into their company library. 


Upland Qvidian is used by RFP and Proposal Managers, Content Managers, Sales Enablement Managers and Sales Operations Managers — as well as SMEs within an organization. Upland Qvidian customers work across industries such as financial services, technology and healthcare.


Upland Qvidian is designed to integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce around workflow, data integration and win/loss analysis. Specifically, it aims to enable sales teams to load RFPs and proposals into Salesforce for proposal teams to receive and complete those that meet the company’s criteria within Upland Qvidian. This process is even more efficient for teams following Upland Qvidian’s Microsoft Office 365 integration.


Upland Qvidian is a cloud-based solution that is priced according to the number of users.


Upland Qvidian has more than 1,000 clients and 200,000 users from enterprise organizations across various verticals. Current customers include Cisco, Verizon and Questar.


Large enterprises in various industries use Upland Qvidian to automate their proposal and RFP response projects. Beyond streamlining the content review and management process, these latest upgrades aim to strengthen administrator-defined reviewer workflows.