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Subscribe’s Video Editor Aims To Take The Guesswork Out Of Social Video Creation is a free video editing app that's designed to be easy, simple and accessible to all. It was created especially for content creators who want to generate high-quality social media posts in an instant.

VEED's video editing tool is free online and works right in a user's browser. The company's online suite of editing tools and handy features aims to reduce complex video editing tasks to just a few clicks. 

Back-Of-The-Box Details

VEED is designed to make marketing videos, video ads, promo videos, business videos, training and educational videos, and help users develop an online presence. VEED allows users to add subtitles to videos automatically, translate videos, transcribe audio files, add visual effects and create content that increases views, gets likes and attracts followers.

Who It's For

VEED's video editor is for everyone. It can be used for business, education and personal videos. It can be used for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn content.

What Makes It Special

VEED's online video maker can turn your video footage, audio files, images and animations into stunning, professional video content. VEED's easy-to-use app’s editing features include color correction, color grading and visual effects. You can also edit audio tracks and use its logo maker, slideshow maker and animation features.