6sense Unveils Revenue AI™ Tool For Sales

Published: March 15, 2023

Revenue intelligence platform 6sense released 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales, a new platform designed to enable sellers to prioritize in-market accounts and gather buyer intelligence and contact data within their existing tools.

Salesforce research shows that sales reps only spend 28% of their selling due to difficulties in prioritizing account lists and researching and updating records. 6sense’s new sales tool is designed to alleviate these pain points by providing:

  • Visibility into anonymous buying team research;
  • A comprehensive data set on accounts and buying teams; and
  • Prospecting workflows.

“Challenges exist on multiple fronts today as sellers have to navigate through a constant barrage of information and noise, plummeting productivity and increasing frustration,” said Viral Bajaria, 6sense CTO and Co-founder, in a statement. “With our AI-driven solution, sales teams will be able to focus on what they do best – building relationships and closing deals – while our technology takes care of the rest. 6sense Revenue AI for Sales uses the power of AI, big data and intelligence to give sellers confidence in their ability to close more deals and be the trusted advisor their customers want and need.”

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