Adobe Unveils Customer Experience Innovations At Annual Summit

Published: March 29, 2024

At the 2024 Adobe Summit, Adobe unveiled a suite of innovations designed to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale through generative AI and real-time insights. The company’s latest products expand its customer experience management solutions to unify data, content and customer journeys to help users unlock greater business value from generative AI.

Data Innovations

Adobe’s latest product releases are anchored in the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), which helps brands activate customer data across various enterprise systems through an integrated set of applications. The latest releases include:

AEP AI Assistant

The AI Assistant includes a conversational interface designed to answer technical questions and automate tasks, simulate outcomes and generate audiences and journeys within specific Adobe applications.

Federated Audience Composition

This feature is designed to allow teams to federate audiences and data directly from enterprise data warehouses and data platforms to augment real-time and cross-channel use cases in AEP.

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Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform Collaboration

This clean room application seeks to help brands and publishers collaborate in a privacy-safe way to discover, reach and measure their high-value audiences in a world without third-party cookies.

New Content Innovations

Adobe also released Adobe GenStudio, a generative AI offering to help marketers plan, create, manage, activate and measure on-brand content, which includes five building blocks:

Workflow & Planning

Adobe Workfront Planning seeks to provide every user with a unified view into all activities across the marketing lifecycle.

Creation & Production

Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models are designed to unlock personalization at scale for enterprise content creation and production to eliminate manual tasks while ensuring generated outputs remain on-brand.

Asset Management

Adobe Experience Manager Assets content hub helps teams distribute brand-governed assets across their organization and external partners.

Delivery & Activation

Adobe Experience Manager Sites variant generation, powered by generative AI, helps brands create personalized, audience-centric and on-brand variations of marketing assets.

Insights & Reporting

Adobe Content Analytics seeks to create a feedback loop to help brands understand which assets and campaigns are the highest performing.

Customer Journey Innovations

The company also revealed unified experimentation capabilities in AEP and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) to help brands optimize customer paths. These include:

AEP & AJO Unified Experimentation

The unification of the two tools includes enhanced statistical models to help marketers, product managers and developers leverage experimentation and decisioning capabilities within journeys.

AJO B2B Edition

AJO is designed to provide enhanced brand-initiated journey orchestrations by helping brands connect their audience-centric campaigns with real-time customer signals. This new application is built on AEP, with a focus on account specific buying-group journey orchestration that reportedly will help promote sales and marketing collaboration throughout the B2B revenue lifecycle.

“B2C and B2B brands have unique challenges in how they engage customers, and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions can uniquely serve the needs of both sectors,” said Amit Ahuja, SVP, Digital Experience Business at Adobe. “By unifying disparate data through Adobe Experience Platform and delivering a comprehensive view of customers, brands can deliver true 1:1 personalization or engage specific buying groups within target accounts.”

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