Ambition & Microsoft Teams Create Collaborative Workflow

Published: September 7, 2021

Ambition, a sales management software provider, integrated with Microsoft Teams to help sellers and revenue teams evaluate their performance using real-time data, leverage more impactful incentives and competitions to drive business and celebrate individual or team milestones.

The collaboration enables users to see who’s successfully completing key sales activities or hitting revenue goals in the same interface they use for online meetings and chat. The workflow will also allow Ambition to create scheduled or real-time alerts in specific Microsoft Teams channels and highlight anytime a rep exceeds a KPI target.

“Ambition for Microsoft Teams will have a huge impact on our customers,” said Brian Trautschold, COO and Co-founder of Ambition, in a statement. “Teams is where people work, it is where people collaborate — so with Ambition integrations, we can drive awareness and collaboration beyond the revenue team with our workflow engine and automated insights. This partnership empowers sales enablement and revenue leaders to engage their reps, foster accountability and build culture.”

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