Avention Hits The Target For Exakt Marketing

Published: March 20, 2014

Exakt Marketing provides marketing services across a number of sectors, including restaurant and hospitality, higher education, associations, professional services, health and fitness, and event and conference marketing. As such, the agency relies heavily on its database solution to uncover new sales leads in each of these markets.

With its headquarters in Tampa, Fla., and new locations in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C., Exakt Marketing was looking to broaden its reach. However, the company found that its expansion efforts were being hampered by poor data and a lack of vital information needed to uncover new sales opportunities.

{loadposition SPIAA}Exakt Marketing selected Avention (formerly OneSource) as its new provider of critical business information, replacing a previous database offering. “What stood out immediately in testing the OneSource iSell platform were the rated search returns, sales triggers and news updates,” said Derek Lee, CEO of Exakt Marketing. “These features, along with the pages of quality data available, have made the switch seamless and provided incredible business value for us.”

The solution was implemented in a matter of hours and Avention provided hands-on training that allowed Exakt to try out the new product, Lee explained. Exakt team members easily migrated and were able to quickly find the information they needed to target their very concentrated prospect list with key sales talking points.

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“We have been able to cut the time frame to hours, from days, to find the type of prospects we are looking for,” said Lee in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “We also have access to social profiles that provide us with talking points about what is going on in the industry. These have been valuable in shaping our marketing messages to clients.”

Avention has also helped Exakt streamline its direct mail campaigns. Prior to implementing the OnceSource iSell platform, a mailing could take up to a month. In just 45 days, Exakt Marketing has completed four direct mail campaigns and has noticed a drastic reduction in bounce-back mailings.

Additional successes achieved since implementing OneSource iSell include:

  • 96% delivery rate on direct mailings’
  • 70% of prospects who received an Exakt Marketing white paper visited its web site; and
  • Three new accounts added to the current client roster from recent mailings using OneSource iSell.

Moving forward, Lee said OneSource iSell will continue to help Exakt Marketing expand its client roster, foster current client relationships through cross promotions and support company growth in other metropolitan areas.

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