Brainshark Launches SlideShark App For IPhone

Published: September 5, 2012

Brainshark today announced the launch of an iPhone version of its SlideShark app. The free app gives users the ability to view and show PowerPoint presentations on an iPhone or iPod Touch, and to share and track presentations, among other features.

SlideShark debuted last fall as an iPad-only app for viewing PowerPoint content while also providing a platform to distribute, track and manage content in the cloud.

Nerium International, a skincare company, said it uses Brainshark to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of its sales representatives.

“We’re rolling out SlideShark to thousands of brand partners – so they can access current information on our skincare products and give sales presentations on-the-go, from their iPads,” said Dennis Windsor, President and Co-Founder of Nerium. “We’re excited to have SlideShark available on the iPhone now too, since everyone travels with their phones. Now, our brand partners can be even more agile – and simply whip out their iPhones to show slides during quick, impromptu conversations, or even conveniently hook up their phones to a projector to deliver formal presentations in front of groups of people.”

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SlideShark also announced  a premium-tier plan that will increase users’ presentation storage capacity. Users can click directly within the SlideShark app to upgrade to SlideShark Plus and purchase an additional 1GB of storage, on top of 100MB of free storage.

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