Calendly Releases Managed Events To Enable Consistent Customer Experiences

Published: August 17, 2022

Calendly, an appointment scheduling software, revealed its new Managed Events feature, which is designed to allow team managers to lock and sync meeting templates across teams. The goal of the release is to enable consistent customer experiences and more reliable business outcomes to help organizations quickly close deals, book services and land candidates.

As part of the release, Calendly will transition from its current Templates model strictly to Managed Events to help leaders enforce tried-and-tested workflows, test new ones and proceed with the most successful strategies. Key features include:

  • A new assignment dashboard that lets managers view and manage the status of all assigned events in one central location;
  • Locking event details, such as meeting descriptions, invitee questions and notifications for better scheduling control;
  • Automatically updating, syncing and pushing changes to assigned users; and
  • The ability to assign a Managed Event to multiple users at once.

“Meeting time mix-ups, typos and forgotten discovery questions add up to make your company look inconsistent and unprofessional,” said Julia Farina, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Calendly, in a blog post. “Worse yet, if your team isn’t consistent with customers or prospects, these errors have the potential to disrupt your sales funnel and impact revenue and retention. As a manager, you need everyone to operate at the company standard, with the same quality and consistency. From research we know top performers automate more tasks thanunderperformers, so building easy, repeatable processes is key, especially for hybrid and distributed teams. Managed Events lets admins establish and enforce best practices.”

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