Capital One Enters Enterprise B2B Software Market

Published: June 3, 2022

Capital One released Capital One Software, a new enterprise B2B software focused on providing cloud and data management solutions for companies operating in the cloud. The offering seeks to help marketers solve challenges related to data management in the cloud, such as publishing, consumption, governance and infrastructure management.

Capital One Software’s first product is Capital One Slingshot, a data management solution for customers of the Snowflake Data Cloud. The solution is designed to help businesses accelerate adoption of Snowflake, manage cloud costs and automate governance processes. With Capital One Slingshot, businesses can:

  • Streamline their Snowflake provisioning processes, adhere to governance requirements, gain detailed visibility into cost drivers and optimize future spend;
  • Manage costs through intelligent cost savings recommendations and dashboards to monitor warehouse performance;
  • Gain insights and visibility into important changes to Snowflake costs and usage through proactive alerts;
  • Federate warehouse administration to lines of business to remove bottlenecks and scale without exponential cloud spend;
  • Automate governance using custom workflows, dynamic warehouse provisioning and self-service capabilities.

“As one of the first large enterprises to go all-in on the public cloud, Capital One has pioneered the adoption of modern data and cloud capabilities,” said Ravi Raghu, EVP, Head of Capital One Software, in a statement. “We’ve solved technology challenges faced by America’s largest enterprises and increased our speed and agility in delivering breakthrough products and experiences for customers. We recognize that many other businesses are facing similar data management needs as they accelerate their cloud and data journeys, so bringing some of the tools we’ve built and scaled to market as enterprise B2B software solutions is a natural evolution for us. Starting with the launch of Capital One Slingshot, Capital One Software will offer proven solutions that have been battle-tested by one of the nation’s largest enterprises serving more than 100 million customers.”

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