Chili Piper Unveils Event Platform For Meeting Management

Published: September 15, 2021

Chili Piper, an inbound conversion platform provider, launched a new, all-in-one Event Meetings Management solution designed to maximize ROI from in-person conferences and trade shows.

Chili Events is designed to help marketing and sales teams automate booking conference and trade show meetings and track everything within their CRM. Key features include:

  • The ability to pre-book meetings with a single URL that team members can share via email or ad campaigns;
  • Placeholder calendars designed to capture all meetings in a single calendar that can later be distributed to internal teams;
  • The ability to manage meeting space availability across designated meeting spaces to avoid double-booking;
  • An all-in-one event management dashboard showcasing all event activity and attendance; and
  • Calendar integrations with GSuite and Outlook365.

“In-person events are hugely important for B2B revenue teams,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and Co-Founder of Chili Piper, in a statement. “With Chili Events, we’re making it possible for marketing and sales to not just automate booking conference and trade show meetings with key prospects and customers, but to treat those meetings like any other digital touchpoint in the customer journey, with quantifiable results and data.”

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