Cloud Elements Unveils APIs, Partners With HubSpot

Published: September 21, 2015

Cloud Elements placeitCloud Elements, a cloud API management and integration service, unveiled a set of bulk-loading APIs designed to help users import, export and synchronize data in their CRM and marketing automation applications.

HubSpot, an early adopter of Cloud Element’s configurable JavaScript application called Element Loader, has also partnered with the company — positioning users to move and synchronize data from existing cloud systems to HubSpot CRM.

Element Loader’s drag-and-drop interface positions users to map resources, upload data and continuously synchronize between cloud services. Developers can embed Element Loader within an app to provide users with direct access to Element Loader features.

“Data migration and on-going synchronization between SaaS applications and cloud services should not be a massive undertaking,” said Mark Geene, CEO and Co-founder of Cloud Elements. “By combining our multi-endpoint bulk loading APIs with our API Hubs, developers can simplify data migration and integration processes.”

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