Conductor Adds Features To Match Content To Search Intent

Published: October 29, 2015

Conductor added three new marketing technologies to its web presence management platform designed to help marketers target buyers’ search intent, discover competitive gaps and optimize content for maximum exposure and revenue growth.

The features include Audience Intent Explorer, Competitive IntelliScope, and the Conductor Content Management System (CMS) Suite for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Audience Intent Explorer aims to provide marketers with real-time access to topic suggestions relevant to their target audience, enabling them to create highly relevant and timely content. The tool prioritizes topic suggestions based on audience demand, competition and buyer journey stage. 

Competitive IntelliScope is designed toprovide competitive analysis of search performance and insight into a brand’s web presence. This positions users with a holistic view of their competitive positioning.

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Conductor CMS Suite for AEM positions marketers to be proactive about SEO at a global enterprise scale by enabling users to enhance content production with SEO insights earlier in the creation process.

“Our new technology is designed to tell marketers what their customers are thinking,” said Seth Besmertnik, Conductor CEO. “It helps get them into the buyer’s journey earlier and faster than their competitors.”

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