Conversica Launches ABM Solution For Personalized Engagement At Scale

Published: November 11, 2021

Conversica Inc., provider of Conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams, unveiled a new Conversational ABM solution designed to automate personalized outreach across email, SMS and website chat.

The solution aims to combine the power of personalized human dialogue with prompt and consistent engagement via Conversational AI to empower sales and marketing teams to execute engagement, accelerate deal cycles and provide a better customer experience for accounts. Using Conversica’s AI Assistants, users can act on account-based insights, such as firmographic data, buyer personas, sales stage and intent data, to engage accounts with hyper-personalized, two-way conversations. Upon determining intent, the Assistant can then supply next-best actions to guide accounts to sign on the dotted line.

Key features include:

  • A new ABM Outreach Skill: According to the company, Conversica built, tested and optimized three new ABM-specific conversations based on sales engagement tactics such as leveraging customer testimonials, relating to known business challenges and highlighting tangible results to the problems of a specific persona.
  • Marketing Skill Updates: Organizations are empowered to pair the ABM Outreach Skill with four existing Marketing Assistant conversations that aim to foster early interest with new contacts, re-engage accounts that expressed previous interest and boost new interest with existing customers through partner cross-sell and prospecting opportunities.
  • Account-Based Data, designed to help users achieve personalization at scale by making key account-based data and attributes readily available.
  • Conversation Rules, which aims to enable customers to define initial conversation routing logic based on account and contact attributes, such as persona, industry, intent and more.

“The successful execution of an ABM strategy is dependent on access to insights and the use of those insights in highly personalized, human-like engagement,” said Sonny Dasgupta, Head of Product Marketing at Conversica, in a statement. “We are excited to enter the Conversational ABM space with a solution optimized to do just that and more, including improving the quality of engagement, qualification speed and conversation rates. As a result, organizations will be able to achieve personalization at scale and greater ABM effectiveness by expanding the number of targeted accounts, achieving better ROI and having more predictable revenue through higher volume and greater sized deals.”

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