Corporate Visions Releases Memorable Marketing System

Published: July 23, 2020

Corporate Visions, a provider of science-backed marketing products has launched the Memorable Marketing System. Designed based on existing research that examines how buyers make decisions, the new product offerings aim to draw marketers away from thinking about leads in a funnel, to shaping buyer decisions based on memorable experiences they have in the buyer journey.

With the Memorable Marketing System, marketers are positioned to learn how to guide prospects and existing customers through their buying decisions using scientifically tested message frameworks, content assets, visuals and storytelling. It is comprised of four key components:

  • Memorable Messages, which uses a situationally specific message framework designed and choreographed for maximum impact;
  • Memorable Content, designed to bring messages to life in presentations, landing pages and other content assets;
  • Memorable Visuals to create powerful, compelling designs that spark action; and
  • Memorable Storytelling to help build the best stories for memory, decision and action.

“Although marketing touches a customer in one place, they make the decision to buy somewhere else, and at a later time,” said Dr. Carmen Simon, Corporate Visions’ Chief Science Officer, in a statement. “That means the messages, content, visuals, and stories your marketing team creates must be memorable enough to influence the buying decision at that critical moment.”

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