DealSignal Launches CRM Data Health For Salesforce To Tackle Data Decay

Published: September 6, 2019

DealSignal, a B2B on-demand contact data platform, revealed a CRM Data Health™ module integration for Salesforce, designed to refresh incomplete or outdated leads, contacts and accounts in an effort to tackle CRM data decay with accurate data that is GDPR-compliant.

The tool, which aims to be an alternative to Salesforce’s retiring module, uses AI and human intelligence to enrich and reverify data on a schedule that is set by the user. Designed to tackle bouncing emails and marketing automation systems clogged with inaccurate contacts and leads, the module aims to provide sales and marketing teams with cleaner data to tackle CRM data decay.

Other features include:

  • Lead and target account enrichment with verified contact info, buyer intent and detailed contact profiles;
  • On-demand reverifying and refreshing of Salesforce data;
  • Scheduled updates to third-party lists, event lists and inbound leads;
  • Maintenance of accurate leads, contacts and accounts; and
  • A solid data foundation designed for ABM success.

“Good data is the foundation of good marketing, but contacts change jobs or get promoted, companies move, phone numbers change, etc., so it creates an on-going challenge for marketing and sales teams to maintain complete, accurate data on their ABM accounts and target buyers,” said Rob Weedn, DealSignal Founder & CEO, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “With DealSignal CRM Data Health, revenue teams can achieve near-perfect target audience coverage and drive conversions more efficiently.”

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