Demandbase Debuts New ABM Platform Following Engagio Acquisition

Published: November 12, 2020

ABM platform Demandbase has launched its newest solution Demandbase One, designed to help B2B revenue teams prioritize and engage target accounts across various channels for higher deal win-rates. The launch comes just a few months after Demandbase acquired Engagio, bringing two big ABM players together.

Demandbase One combines Demandbase and Engagio‘s proprietary, third-party and first-party data, providing revenue teams with a holistic view of their customer base and prospects at every stage of their journey. The solution then uses its AI and machine learning capabilities to guide marketers toward target accounts most likely to buy.

The solution enables B2B revenue teams to:

  • Build foundations for adaptive account-based programs;
  • Find and understand accounts that are in-market and their buyers’ journeys;
  • Engage accounts in real-time based their behavior in multiple channels; and
  • Align their marketing and sales teams to close more deals.

“One thing I’m incredibly proud of is the speed at which we were able to integrate our platforms to deliver Demandbase One,” said Jon Miller, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, in a statement. “But we didn’t cut any corners. In fact, while we are a new Demandbase, we didn’t have to build new capabilities to deliver the leading ABM platform, we just had to combine the existing best-in-class functionality from each company — which is exactly what we’ve done.”

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The product suite hosts various solutions and data for improving account-based efforts, including:

  • The Demandbase ABM platform, which uses its AI powered data, integrations and predictive analytics to prioritize which accounts to target;
  • Advertising functions that allow users to deliver personalized ads to their target accounts accurately;
  • Personalization features that help users create tailored experiences for maximized account engagement and conversion;
  • Orchestration functions that allow users to scale their marketing automation solutions, delivering more meaningful account interactions through audience segmentation; and
  • Attribution capabilities, which provide users with the tools to measure their program’s ROI, pipeline and revenue.

“The B2B world is changing more quickly than ever,” said Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. “Digital transformation has accelerated, while buyer journeys are more complex and the decision-makers in purchases are more difficult to reach. Demandbase One represents a giant leap forward for Marketing and Sales teams and their ability to effectively manage the modern customer journey and scale for significant growth. We have built a platform that will truly transform the way B2B organizations do business today and in the future.”

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