Eloqua Offers Marketing Automation For Asset Management Marketers

Published: October 16, 2012

As the marketing automation market matures, it makes sense for vendors to focus more heavily on specialized, industry-specific offerings. That’s exactly what Eloqua is doing with its just-released Eloqua Asset Management solution.

Eloqua Asset Management, according to the company, is designed to help “mutual fund wholesalers, institutional asset managers, and marketers within the financial services sector to strengthen relationships while reducing overall marketing costs.” The company also claims that its offering is the first of its type to target asset management marketers.

There are really two major defining concerns for marketers in this industry: a very unique specific set of target audiences; and a heavy emphasis on regulatory compliance. Eloqua says its asset management solution addresses the first issue by supplying best-practice templates and workflows that help marketers to create and manage personalized communications to financial advisors. This is important, since marketers in this industry typically have a different set of priorities than most B2B marketers.

“Eloqua has a diverse customer base and we recognize that not all marketers are primarily focused on leads,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Eloqua, in a news release. “Asset management marketers care about expanding a wholesaler’s business, increasing assets under management, and improving relationships with financial advisors, fund managers, and consultants.

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To address the second concern, Eloqua says its solution is designed from the ground up to address SEC and other regulatory compliance mandates. All outgoing communications, for example, are saved and archived for auditing, and all outgoing email is sent via branded IP addresses.

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