Evergage Offers Multivariate Testing To Improve Personalization

Published: July 13, 2015

EvergageEvergage, a real-time web personalization solution, announced new multivariate testing capabilities designed to help B2B marketers maximize their personalization initiatives.

The new testing features provide digital marketers with a means to test the impact of changes to websites and apps. Users can compare multiple combinations of content, design, message types and forms to identify which options resonate with prospects.

As with the A/B testing feature, marketers can deploy Evergage multivariate tests to specific audience segments – such as people showing a strong affinity for a particular category of content or products but have not yet converted – or broad segments such as all first-time visitors.

“Marketers’ digital properties are the primary channels to engage prospects and customers today, and there is great power in being able to simultaneously test various section changes as you personalize content,” said Karl Wirth, Co-founder and CEO of Evergage. “Testing and measurement help marketers have more confidence in knowing they’ve optimized their website for achieving specific objectives, and raise the bar for personalizing digital experiences and engagement in real time.”

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