Exclaimer Adds ‘Social Feeds’ Feature To Email Signatures

Published: January 12, 2024

Exclaimer, an email signature management platform, released its Social Feeds feature, which enables organizations to embed their social media posts directly into their email signatures. 

The new Social Feeds feature seeks to help organizations:

  • Expand social media marketing reach for existing campaigns by automatically inserting social media posts within email signatures;
  • Create more interactive and visually appealing email signatures; and
  • Measure performance by analyzing how effectively email signatures convert recipients to click-through and read posts.

“While organizations are continuing to look for ways to increase engagement with customers and offer them a more human and personalized experience, it remains crucial to work smarter and do more with less,” said Vicky Wills, Chief Technology Officer at Exclaimer, in a statement. “Business tools need to evolve and adapt to meet these needs, and email signature solutions are no exception. Our Social Feeds feature helps companies maximize every 1:1 engagement opportunity by giving them a way to marry up social and email communications. We’re thrilled to launch our Social Feeds feature with Facebook and look forward to including additional social media platforms in the future. This is just one example of how Exclaimer has listened to its customers and evaluated the market to enhance our solution.” 

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