Globys Releases Machine-Learning Tool For Personalization

Published: June 13, 2014

Globys, a provider of Big Data analytic solutions, released Globys Mobile Occasions to help marketing teams understand and dynamically respond to customer behaviors, intentions and motivations. Delivered as a managed service, the solution taps into marketing experimentation and dynamic machine learning to automate personalization efforts.

The technology leverages scientific methodologies to uncover unique behavioral insights and automatically tests, adapts, and scales context-based marketing campaigns.


Features of Mobile Occasions include:

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  • Automated behavioral analytics and unsupervised clustering that uncovers unique insights;
  • Adaptive always-on experimentation with one-to-one dynamic targeting of context-based offers that balances the exploration of new learnings with maximizing the benefits of strongly-performing treatments; and
  •  Dynamic machine learning on marketing response and behavioral events to maximize performance.

“Our customers struggle to hire the expertise and develop the technologies which are capable of applying this level of sophistication to drive personalized, one-to-one customer experiences — let alone in a way that can scale to more than 100 million customers and tens of thousands of marketing campaigns,” said Dr. Olly Downs, Chief Scientist at Globys. “What’s exciting to see is how putting some of the most advanced scientific marketing methodologies in the hands of mobile operators allows them to completely transform how they market to and engage their customers, driving dramatic results and unprecedented insight into how their customers behave.”


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