Gong Introduces User-Trainable AI System, Smart Trackers

Published: October 19, 2022

Gong, a revenue intelligence platform, released Smart Trackers, a user-trainable AI system that seeks to provide a deep understanding of customer conversations. Smart Trackers are designed to help customer-facing teams identify deal risk and opportunity, understand the effectiveness of strategic initiatives, replicate best practices and get ahead of emerging market needs.

Through AI and machine learning, Smart Trackers:

  • Go beyond keyword recognition and understand the context of all customer interactions captured and analyzed in Gong’s platform;
  • Allow customer-facing teams to hyper-personalize and tailor them to their business, market and priorities;
  • Pick up on different ways a concept can be communicated without having to be an exact match, e.g., different terminologies customers might use to ask for a discount; and
  • Surface insights to help sales teams identify what’s working and quickly adjust or eliminate what’s not.

“For many organizations, keyword trackers operate like a sprinkler, spraying terms all over data that is often inaccurate and stale,” said Eilon Reshelf, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gong, in a statement. “Smart Trackers set a new precedent, putting the power of AI in the hands of revenue teams to quickly and accurately identify customer sentiment, trends coming up in conversations and the impact of key initiatives. The result is quick, better decision-making to optimize revenue potential.” 

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