Gong Unveils New AI Capabilities To Help Revenue Teams Enhance Execution

Published: June 26, 2024

Gong, a revenue intelligence platform, enhanced its user-trainable AI and concept capture technology AI Smart Trackers through the release of new tools, AI Methodology Playbooks and AI Scorecard Suggestions.

Specifically, the new capabilities include:

  • New tools designed to help build workflows, get trustworthy insights and quickly understand what good AI-generated results look like without depending on data scientists or writing code;
  • AI Methodology Playbooks, which reportedly allow leaders to select their sales methodology and then rely on AI Smart Trackers to detect whether elements of the methodology have been met in customer interactions; and
  • AI Scorecard Suggestions that seek to automatically suggest answers to inform coaching scorecards.

“AI is already delivering productivity and efficiency benefits to enterprises, but without the accuracy enabled by true contextual understanding of data, the benefits of AI can’t be realized across an organization’s most critical workflows,” said Eilon Reshef, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gong, in a statement. “By bringing deep understanding into and operationalizing insights within key sales processes, Gong gives revenue leaders the visibility, consistency and scale they need to make key decisions that will drive revenue success.”

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