HubSpot Expands Language Support Capabilities

Published: September 3, 2015

HubSpot language placeitHubSpot‘s user interface is now available in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as English. The additional language support is designed to help marketers offer a more tailored experience through in-language forms, localized content and URLs, and smart image resizing, among many other new features.

In addition to having full product functionality in six languages, users are positioned to create content and launch campaigns in almost all written languages.

The latest updates intend to help marketers:

  • Improve international SEO and keyword ranking performance across languages with keyword tracking data available for 25-plus languages, as well as better SEO through localizable URLs;
  • Target content by language and country through customized local content and A/B testing;
  • Create native content with localized UI for dates, times and numbers in 19 global locales, as well as through cloned campaigns;
  • Provide an optimized local experience for international website visitors with smart image resizing that accounts for local load times and internet speeds; and
  • Improve compliance with international data privacy laws through double opt-in functionality and customizable privacy policy and cookie requirements.

“Today, we have 2,500 partner agencies and 15,000 customers around the world, and we want to help them deliver a more personalized, in-language experience to their customers,” said JD Sherman, Chief Operating Officer for HubSpot.

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