IAS Announces Attention Product To Unify Media Quality & Eye Tracking

Published: January 4, 2024

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global media measurement and optimization platform, announced the general availability of its Quality Attention measurement product, which seeks to unify media quality and eye tracking with machine learning.

Quality Attention uses advanced machine learning technology, actionable data from Lumen Research’s eye-tracking technology and various other signals — such as viewability, ad situation and user interaction — to weigh them into a single attention score. IAS’s attention model is designed to provide a singular view of campaigns’ attention performance, based on a pool of data consisting of billions of impressions and millions of conversion events.

“Attention measurement must inform actions that drive superior results for advertisers,” said Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer for Integral Ad Science, in a statement. “Our Quality Attention offering is purpose-built to help brands and agencies navigate through media clutter to seamlessly understand how media visibility, the ad environment and customer interaction impact campaign performance. According to our research, brands that focus on driving higher IAS attention scores achieve up to a 130% lift in conversion rates leading to a better return on their investment.”

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